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KaLy-Cell was founded in 2004 by Prof Lysiane Richert, Ph.D. to provide contract research services with hepatocytes to optimize the discovery, development and approval of drugs, food additives, agrochemicals and nutraceuticals.

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Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes

Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes

An inventory of human hepatocyte lots is available upon request, a CoA for each lot specifies qualification, such as short- or long-term as sandwich or as 3D-spheroid culture, biliary canaliculi formation, metabolic phase I and II drug metabolizing enzyme activity, response to specific inducers… 


Advantages of using KaLy-Cell's products:

All preparations are made and characterized according to Standard Operating Procedures.

Quality is governed by the assigned Product Study Director and KaLy-Cell's Quality Assurance.


Our commitment to ethics

KaLy-Cell fully supports the ethical use of human tissues and believes that in order to maintain public confidence and trust, all tissue used must be obtained ethically and with appropriate consent, and be handled and used sensitively and responsibly by researchers. We receive human tissue donations from two major sources: non-transplantable tissues from heart-beating donors (Agreement of the French Agency of Biomedicine, CSP article L 1232-3), and tissue which is removed during surgical operations and would otherwise be discarded as biological waste. KaLy-Cell is authorized by the French Ministry of Research to prepare and store products from human origin for in vitro research and service purposes, to distribute and export to academia and industry human samples for in vitro studies (CSP articles L 1243-3, L 1243-4 and L 1245-5).


Safety, Handling and Storage

The products are distributed for research purposes only. They have not been approved for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Cryopreserved Hepatocytes should be stored in liquid nitrogen vapor (-150°C or colder). They should be thawed in accordance with our thawing protocol, which is provided with hepatocytes.


Human hepatocytes qualified

for long-term culture

Our plateable cryopreserved human hepatocyte lots are qualified for long-term culture, either as sandwich culture with a regular re-overlay of Matrigel, or as 3D spheroids, allowing them to be cultured up to 10 days, forming biliary canaliculi.

Learn more about long-term 2D sandwich cultures on PubMed

Learn more about long-term 3D spheroid cultures on PubMed

Human hepatocytes qualified

for response to CYP inducers

Our plateable cryopreserved human hepatocyte lots are qualified for their concentration-dependent response to prototypical CYP and UGT inducers

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